The Barefoot Retirement Plan

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The Barefoot Retirement Plan is the premier, most powerful retirement plan in America. There is simply nothing else that can compare to it. Odds are you’ve never heard of it. This is the core, flagship plan that Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros use to protect our clients and insure their retirement goals are met.

Why The Funny Name?  The name, Barefoot Retirement is simply a metaphor for having the freedom to live the any type of retirement you wish to. If you choose to kick off your shoes and walk the beaches of the world, great. Our mission is to give you the freedom to be able to choose the retirement of your dreams.

Here of just some of the many benefits to this powerful plan:

  • Proven – The plan has been used for over 150 years by some of the wealthiest families and companies in America.
  • No Contribution Limits – In most cases there are no limits to the amounts you can contribute. Some contribute millions to these plans because they are so powerful.
  • Tax-Free – Your funds grow tax-free, you can take them out at any time tax-free, when you pass on, they pass to your heirs tax-free.
  • No-Loss Guarantee – Your funds are guaranteed not to lose a single penny due to market losses, ever.
  • Liquid & Flexible – You can access your money at any time, for any reason with no fees or penalties.
  • No Investment Restrictions – You have the freedom to invest your funds into anything including; stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, businesses, equipment, oil & gas, notes… anything.
  • Low Fees & Expenses – This plan has the lowest fees and expenses of anything else out there. It’s up to 70% less.
  • Private – This plan is completely and totally private. There are no reporting forms for this and it doesn’t have to be reported to the IRS or anyone.
  • Creditor Proof – It’s completely protected from creditors and lawsuits in most states. No worry about your retirement being stolen from you by predatory lawsuits.
  • Life-Time, Tax-Free Income – We can help you set up this plan so that it provides you a life-time, tax-free income that lasts as long as you do.
  • Leverage Opportunity – If you choose, the plan provides an option for you to safely leverage your funds and earn two different returns, on the same funds, at the same time. It’s not complicated. People do it every day.
  • Backed and Protected by the Government – Even though this plan offers the single best way to legally avoid paying taxes, it’s protected by its own section in the tax code. Government officials, politicians, bureaucrats and even Presidents of the USA have used this method to protect their own money from taxes.


This Almost Sounds Too Good To Be True

It’s not uncommon for some people’s first thought upon hearing about this plan for the first time, to be that it must be too good to be true. They often base their doubt on the fact that they’ve never heard of this before. (There are lots of fantastic things in this world that you and I have never heard of before. Not knowing they exist, does not make them not true.)

So Why Haven’t I Heard Of This Before?

It’s estimated that only about one person in a thousand has even heard of this concept before. Our Federal Government actually restricts the advertising of these types of accounts. All 50 states, under Federal Regulation 570, section 4.B, prohibit the advertising or promotion of these types of plans.

Plus, only a very, very few, advisors are specialty trained in using and structuring these types of plans. These plans can be amazing powerful if they are set up correctly. However, if they are not structured correctly, you can dramatically reduce their effectiveness and subject yourself to significant fees and penalties. Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros are experts at setting up these programs. This is what we do.

Lastly, the reason so few companies and advisors offer these plans is because they are so much “less profitable” to the people who offer them. It’s true. These plans are up to 70% Less Expensive than similar plans. Thus they are significantly less profitable to the people who offer them. This means the client gets much, much better value.

Our philosophy has always been to do what’s best for our clients, and they will gladly share our plan with others to help us grow our business.

What Is The Best Way To Learn More About The Barefoot Retirement Plan?

The next step to learning more about this powerful plan is to request a free 15 minute consultation with one of our expert planners. During this potentially life changing 15 minute call we will; give you more information about this plan, discover what your goals and needs are, and gather some information to generate a free 15 page detailed report for you.

This free report will show you exactly what your financial picture looks like now, what it will look like when you retire if you stay with your current plan, and what your retirement could look like with a Barefoot Retirement Plan.

This plan has the potential to dramatically change your financial picture in a very positive way. Don’t wait another moment. Give us a call right now at: (405) 418-6266

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