Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Most Americans will spend approximately 1/3 of their life… in retirement. The quality, ease, freedom and options you will have during retirement will largely be determined by the actions you take prior to your retirement. At Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros our core goal is to help you have the most successful retirement that you possibly can. We believe our flagship retirement plan is the single most powerful retirement plan in American. We are very proud of this and will put our plan up against ANY other plan available anywhere. If you seriously compare our plan to any other plan out there, we are confidant that the other plans will not even come close to offering the benefits, value, options and flexibility that our plan offers.


The Barefoot Retirement Plan

The name of our plan often makes people smile. No, it does not mean you have to go around barefooted during retirement if you don’t wish to. It is simply a metaphor for having the personal and financial freedom to live the retirement of your dreams. If you choose to kick your shoes off and walk the beaches of the world barefooted, great. Our goal is to work closely with you to evaluate your personal and family goals, plans, wishes and desires, and help you achieve them. We believe there is no better experience than to have the personal freedom to make your own choices instead of having them dictated to you.  Our goal is to help you to be able to experience the freedom to live life on your own terms. Find out more about The Barefoot Retirement Plan.

Tax Free Life Time Income

What good is it working so hard, sacrificing and saving for decades if you end up paying far too much of your retirement funds in taxes. Our plan is probably the single most powerful tax advantaged financial and retirement plan in America, period. If you feel taxes are bound to continue to go up and up, you owe it to yourself to find out more about a way that will enable you to grow your funds tax free, withdraw them at any time tax free (with no penalties or fees), and have them pass on to your heirs tax free when you pass away.  Find out more information about this plan that can totally protect yourself from taxes.

Retirement Calculator

At Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros we believe the most important first step in determining the best financial and retirement plan for yourself and your family is to figure out where you stand right now, from a financial stand point. We looked at the dozens of other retirement calculators on the market and found them to be too lengthy, complicated and confusing. To better help our clients we have spent considerable sums having our own proprietary financial and retirement calculators developed specifically for us and for our clients. Complements from our customers poor in all the time. They love the fact that our calculators are so easy to use and easy to understand. Go ahead. Give it a try yourself and discover how quick and easy it is. Our retirement calculator is of course completely free and you can experiment with different inputs and “what if” scenarios as much as you want. Check out our retirement calculator now.

Self-Managed IRA

Many clients feel that they are handcuffed and trapped by their IRA accounts. Most of them have very little flexibility, they are packed with fees and penalties if you even try and do anything outside of their strict rules. Plus, most of the investment options typical IRAs offer is significantly limited. Here’s a tip for you. In many cases, the limited portfolio of funds that most investors have to choose from in their IRA is often made up with the funds that produce the most fees and expenses (profits) for the financial institutions who offer them. In fact Forbes found that the average cost of fees and expenses for non-taxable accounts is 3.17% and 4.17% for taxable accounts. If you are fed up with paying these sky high fees, you owe it to yourself to look into the self-managed IRA that we offer. The fees and expenses are super low and the list of options that you have to invest in different assets is dramatically more than any other IRA account offers. Check out our self-managed IRA account.

Free Bestselling Book On Retirement

We wrote the book on retirement. In fact our best selling book titled; The Barefoot Retirement Plan has been downloaded by over 100,000 people. This book is changing lives! The most often comment we hear is that people had no idea that plans like ours even existed. Most are shocked to discover just how many financial benefits our plan offers. Some even suspect that our plan must not be legal since the benefits are so significant. We assure you that our plan is 1000% legal and compliment with all state and national laws of the United States. The financial services industry is highly regulated. Plus, most of the companies that we work with that provide the plans we offer have been in business for 130 to 160 years. It’s true. These are some of the strongest companies in America.

Our book is completely FREE. No strings attached. You just enter your email address and you can download the book right away. We offer three different digital formats so you can conveniently read the digital book on any type of device you wish. If you prefer the paper, hard copy version of the book, you can easily purchase it on Amazon.