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Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros No Loss Guarantee Plan

One of the single biggest risk that people in Oklahoma City and people throughout the Country face, that has the potential to CRUSH your financial plans… is market crashes. Market crashes can devastate your portfolio. They can easily set your retirement plans back a decade or more. Just take a look at our last two market crashes.

s & p 500 index crashes

In the year 2000 the S & P 500 Index began a Dot Com crash that erased almost 50% of people’s portfolios. Then, just as they were starting to come back, and get back to where they were way back in 2000, the housing/mortgage crash of 2007 began which erased another 56% of people’s wealth. Now, the S & P 500 Index is near all time highs and looks to be poised for another crash. Most financial experts believe there absolutely will be another crash, they just don’t know when it will happen. That’s the key.

Here’s The Catch 22 Situation

In order for most people to achieve the level of returns they need to accomplish their financial goals, they need to be IN the market. Sitting on the side lines earns you next to nothing and when you factor in inflation, most people lose money sitting on the side lines. I know some very financially savvy multi-millionaires who have been telling me the market was going to suffer a massive crash for the past 3 to 4 years. They were sure it was going to happen “any time”, so they have been totally OUT of the markets for years. They missed the massive run up in prices that the market has experienced since the bottom in 2009. At this point in this massive bull run in the markets, it’s a bit like playing Russian Roulette.

  • If you fear the next crash is right around the corner, you get OUT of the markets.
  • If the markets do not crash, but keep going up, you then lose the gains that you would have had, and the gains that you NEED, to reach your financial goals.

That’s were most people’s stress is coming from these days. They fear staying in the markets and they fear getting out of the markets.

We’re Happy To Tell You That Their’s A Better WayNo Loss Guarantee

At Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros our flagship plan, (which we call the Barefoot Retirement Plan), is GUARANTEED not to lose a single red cent in market downturns and in market crashes. Our clients absolutely LOVE this part of the plan. You just can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. With our plan you can sleep like a baby knowing that you are 100% protected from losing during market crashes.

We Believe This Is A Core Strategy That All Investors Need To Use To Protect Themselves

With our plan, you can take advantage of the gains the market makes, while taking none of the risk from market declines and crashes. To demonstrate just how powerful this strategy is, lets take a look at the chart below. It compares putting a $100,000 investment in the S&P 500 Index and putting the same amount into our plan. You can clearly see how our plan performs significantly better. In fact, our plan produced 115% MORE than the S&P 500.

Do you know WHY our plan did so much better? If you study the chart it’s easy to see. The big difference is that our plan NEVER goes down! It never loses money due to market losses. You can see how long it takes to recover and get back to even after the S&P 500 declines. So that is why we are so passionate about helping the good people of Oklahoma City and throughout the state of Oklahoma. Step one is to get you protected from the inevitable market crashes that are sure to come. When you schedule an appointment with us, we are happy to give you a lot more detail about our plan and clearly outline to you how this no loss guarantee can make all of the difference in the world to your investing success.

s&p 500 index chart

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