Life Insurance Agency

Life Insurance Agency

When the majority of people are searching for a life insurance agency, they are thinking about getting the typical forms of life insurance.  Most people have similar motivations for buying life insurance. They want to protect their loved ones if something were to happen to them. Consequently most people approach the buying of life insurance with the mindset of; I need to get the highest dollar protection for the least amount of money I can spend. Shopping for life insurance can be so complicated. There are so many different types of insurance with so many different variables to them that it’s hard for the average professional life insurance salesperson to keep up with it all, even with taking all of the continuing education classes. So if a trained professional has to work hard to stay up with it all, how in the world can an average person really understand all of the options and variables and determine which option is best for them? The truth is, they can’t. That’s why so many people rely so heavily on the advice of a life insurance salesperson.

Of course some of them are great and truly have your best interest in mind and will help you choose which option is right for you, your family and your situation. However, many of these salespeople are trying to make their way, get ahead financially, make their boss happy and sell the products that the company really needs them to sell at this time. So it’s easy to see how you may not end up with the perfect product that best fits your needs. Below are listed just some of the many options of life insurance.

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance or Ordinary Life Insurance

  • Universal or Adjustable Life Insurance

  • Variable Life Insurance and Variable Universal Life Insurance

  • Guarantee Universal Life Insurance

  • Index Universal Life Insurance or IUL

Here is what Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros does that is really different from 99% of all other life insurance agencies. First off, just so you know, our main, flagship, best-in-class product that we use the most with most of our clients has one of the lowest commission rates (for us) in the industry. Unfortunately we know a lot of people who only try and get you to buy the products that they make the most money on. For us it’s the opposite. We have between 30 and 40 agents and are adding agents all the time. From time to time an agent will express an interest in working with us. When they find out what we are all about…putting our clients best interest first…some of them walk away and say they only want to sell the products they can make the most money with. It’s sad really.


So, our main flagship, best in class product that most of our clients use and love is called an IUL or Indexed Universal Life Insurance. It is without a doubt the best product ever created. Please keep this in mind. Not all IUL’s are the same. It’ kind of like ice cream. There is ice cream in general, but there are tons of different flavors of ice cream and they come in different price ranges. Our unique version of the IUL is so unique it is patented.  What makes it so unique is that it maximizes the value to the client, so they can have the death benefit they need but also have the type of insurance that will produce the best earnings and financial results. (As you know, past earnings are no predictor of future results.) However, over the past 25 years our form of IUL would have produced for you an average annual return of 9.24% per year.

  1. Our IUL comes with a zero loss guarantee. So if the market goes down or crashes, you are guaranteed not to lose a single penny due to market declines.
  2. With our program you put in after taxed dollars.  They grow tax free, you can take them out at any time tax free, when you retire and need the funds to live on, they are tax free and when you pass away, and they pass to your heir’s tax free. So when you see the 9.24% average annual return, keep in mind that all of that return is tax free too boot!

Here is what makes our version of the IUL so cost effective for you. (Note, this is an option and you do not have to set up your IUL this way if you do not wish to.) Here is the key. All insurance policies have a death benefit. Insurance companies look at the tables and know the time range when there insured people are most likely to pass away and they then set aside the death benefit payout funds either in cash, or in very short term, very low interest accounts so that the death benefit pay out funds will be available when they are needed and requested. This costs insurance companies a fortune having to keep all of that money in cash or super low interest investments. So with our version, you still get the death benefit pay out…but having a lump sum option is not an option with our version. With ours, the heirs will receive monthly payments to the time duration they selected.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance or IUL

Thus the insurance company can keep the majority of those funds in longer term investments that earn a higher rate of return. This saves them a huge amount of money and they
pass those savings on to you. Our form of IUL is up to 70% lower than other policies. So you end up getting a much, much better value Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros 212 North Ann Arbor Ave Oklahoma City OKwhile you are living, and your heirs simply get the money on a monthly basis vs getting a lump sum all at once. I promise you there are dozens and dozens of other great benefits to our plan. We call our plan the Barefoot Retirement Plan. This is where and how we use this unique version of the IUL. Check out the video below which gives a quick executive summary of what our plan is all about. Give us a call. We are happy to talk with you and show you what this type of plan can do for you and your retirement. We think you will be shocked at just how powerful and beneficial this plan truly is.  You can call us now at: (405) 418-6266

The video below is a quick video that gives you a high level look at what our plan is all about. We call it the Barefoot Retirement Plan. It is how we use and set up these special versions of this highly effective plan. You can also find out more information on the Barefoot Retirement Plan here.



It’s easy to see on the chart below, which type of Insurance has the most checks. IUL beats the others hands down, by a mile.

Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros Types of Life Insurance 1

Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros Types of Life Insurance 2