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Investment Service –

Investments and investment services make the world go round, right? They certainty do in our world and in the world of our clients. At Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros we work closely with our clients. We help them evaluate their current financial plan, their retirement plan and their current investments. We offer a very unique type of investment for our clients. Our flagship investment program that a large majority of our clients opt for is built on a very specialized type of insurance as a chassis if you will. For most people, this seems like a strange idea since it is so different from what most people consider to be the traditional investment options like an IRA, 401(k), ROTH IRA, SEP IRA and others. The reason why most people have these types of investment vehicles is simply because that is what Main Street, or perhaps Wall Street makes a fortune on and that is what they spend billions advertising.

There is a good reason why less than 20% of Americans say they feel they are well prepared financially for retirement. The reason is that these other Main stream types of saving and retirement plans simply are not working for most Americans. So this is what we do differently with our investment service for retirement. To start off with, we only work with the oldest and strongest insurance companies in the world. Most of the companies we work with are 150 years old or older. They have been through every imaginable type of financial nightmare there is. They have not only survived but they have prospered and grown stronger and stronger. If these companies do anything well, it is manage risk. They are experts at that. It’s great to have risk management experts on your team helping you to have a successful retirement.

There is a Government sponsored law called the MEC law. It stands for modified endowment contract and it’s too involved to go into detail on this page. The key is that the Government regulates the amount of life insurance that must be purchased compared to the amount of funds that remain available to invest and earn a return on your money. Our version of the plan uses the MEC laws to the fullest. So for most clients we only buy the least amount of life insurance that we can and use the remainder of the funds for growing your wealth, tax free. When most people first see this plan, they assume it is too good to be true, since most have never heard of it before. However many of our country’s wealthiest and most influential people and companies have used these types of plans. People like;  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, John F. Kennedy, Joe Biden, John McCain, Walt Disney, JC Penny, Ray Kroc, JD Rockefeller, Franklin D Roosevelt and scores more. Currently US banks own over 40 billion worth of these plans. Do you think these people know something about making money and avoiding taxes? That is why they have sought out these types of plans and used them for their families and businesses.

Another great option that is available with these types of plans is that they give you the option to leverage your returns. If you choose to you, we can show you how to borrow most of your funds from your account, invest those borrowed funds into anything you wish. Anything. There is no approved list of things that you can invest in. You can use your funds for anything under the sun that you wish. The great part is that you can actually earn two (2) different returns on the same money at the same time. And if you do not want to pay back the funds you borrowed out… you do not have to.

Lets take a look at an example of this. Lets say you have 100k in one of our custom Barefoot Retirement Plans that we set up for you. That 100k will be earning anywhere from 0% to 17%, depending on the performance of the markets and the indexes that your returns are credited on. So if the market looses 20% in a year, you earn 0% and lose nothing. If the market gains 20% the next year, you earn 17%. You are 100% protected from market losses, guaranteed. So then lets say you borrow out 90k from your account and invest it into a sweet real estate deal you found. The amazing thing is that you will STILL be earning the 0% to 17% on the 100k in your account, (even though you borrowed out 90k), and you will also earn whatever gain you achieve on your real estate investment. Please note. There is a very specific way you need to do this. If you do it incorrectly, you can and will be subject to fines, penalties and more. That is why it is so important to only work with people who are experienced in this and do this all the time. At Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros, this is what we do. We specialize in this and we can help you do this as well.

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Lastly, the thing our clients love about this plan is that there are basically no limits to the amounts you can contribute on a monthly or annual basis. Yes, the amount you can put into these plans is related to your income and net worth but for most people, they are shocked at the amounts they qualify to be able to put into these plans. Some people put millions of dollars a year into these plans and love it. They save a fortune on taxes plus the many other benefits that come with these plans.

Liquid and Flexible – You can access your money at any time you wish with no penalties or fees. It is your money and you can take it out any time you want. If you have an emergency or an opportunity, no problem. It is your money and you can get to it at any time you wish.

Flexible Payments – Most plans that “say” they are similar to ours require you to commit to putting in a certain amount of funds each year, for many, many years. Ours is different. You can vary it as needed. Lets say you put in 100k this year. Then next year your business has an off year. You can then choose to only put in maybe 10k that year. Then the next year your business takes off again, you can choose to up in as much as you wish, up to your max limit, including the difference in the amount that you did not put in, in the previous years.

These plans are custom designed to your needs. We are happy to run some illustrations for you, completely free of charge, and show you what a Barefoot Plan would look like for you, your family, your business and your situation. Just give us a call and we can schedule a 15 call to get us started. We are looking forward to talking with you.