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Financial Planner –

A financial planner is a trained professional who helps clients examine their current financial situation, evaluate their financial and retirement goals and then maps out a plan that can help them successfully reach their goals. At Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros, that’s what we do. We are financial planners and we help our clients achieve their retirement and financial goals and dreams. To help in this process we have developed several of our own, custom made retirement calculators, retirement savings calculators and retirement planning calculators.

For a high level look at our process, it’s really pretty simple. First we help you figure out where you are now financially. Are you on track to reach your financial goals? Are you on track to be able to retire when and how you wish to? If so, great. Your portfolio may need a little tweaking but if everything is working okay and to your satisfaction, then you are exceptional and truly blessed. We developed a very simple, quick and easy to use retirement calculator to help our clients quickly determine where they are.  That is all part of step one.


The next high level step we take is to help protect you from taxes and rising taxes. Believe it or not, most Americans spend more on taxes in their lifetime than any other expenditure they make. They even send more on taxes than they do on their home mortgage payments. Taxes are a huge part of your financial plan yet most investors don’t really pay them much attention. You will find that the wealthy do pay them a great deal of attention. They know how important it truly is to minimize the amount they spend on taxes both now and in the future. At the time this is written, Bernie Sanders is running on the democratic ticket for President of the United States. He is a self proclaimed socialist and is advocating a 92% top Federal marginal tax rate. Can you believe it? The amount of support he is currently receiving is even more amazing. If you had to pay that much in taxes, you would need to work from January 1st until sometime in November, just to be able to give Uncle Sam his “fair share” of your earnings. Then what you make during the rest of November and in December, you would get to keep. How many people do you think are going to do that?

With our plan you put in after taxed dollars. Then your funds grow tax deferred. We will show you how you can take them out at any time, tax free. You can also take them out when you retire, 100% tax free. This is a really significant point here. Could you imagine being retired and playing golf with your friends. All of them may be at sky high tax rates, but not you. You would get to keep every single penny you take out during your retirement. So yes, structuring a retirement plan that will produce a 100% tax-free life time income for you is vastly important.

The next thing we help our clients do is get you protected from market losses. This is the second biggest thing that can negatively impact your life,  your savings and for sure your retirement plans and goals. Many people lost 30%, 40%, 50% or more during the past two most recent market crashes. After the last crash, it took the average investor almost 7 years just to get back to even, to where they were before the crash. This is something that will totally crush your retirement plans. It’s devastating. With our plan you are guaranteed to never lose a single red cent in market declines and market crashes. Nothing. Zip. Nada. You simply will not lose a cent. This is another huge factor for you to keep in mind. Having this safety net underneath your retirement funds is priceless. We help people structure these financial safety nets every day.

Last on the list is we help people get a road map and go. So you can’t get to where you need to go…if you don’t know where you are going and if you don’t have a road map. We provide all of our clients with a detailed financial road map to help them navigate their way to a successful retirement. And do don’t just give you the road map, slap you on the back and say “good luck.”  We continue to work with you each and every year to insure you are on track and helping you make the necessary adjustments as life and market events come into play. We stick with you and help you see it through to success all the way.

We invite you to check out our financial planner process. We think you will love it. It is 100% completely free. We never surprise you with hidden costs, fees or expenses. If you end up working with us and if we set up a plan for you, then we will of course make something on the plan. Keep in mind our rates are up to 70% lower than any other similar plan out there, so we do rely on our happy and satisfied customers to refer us to their friends if they are delighted with the job we did for them. Welcome to Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros. We sincerely hope we will have the opportunity to help you achieve your retirement dreams.