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Financial Consultant

Are you searching for a financial consultant who can help you with your finances? Great. You’ve come to the perfect place then. We are Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros and that is what we do, help people with their finances. However, we are a bit unconventional with our approach. You may wonder why that is. The simple answer is that the conventional approach to financial consulting and financial planning is simply not working so great any more.

If the conventional approach worked well, then why do 61% of Americans fear running out of money during retirement more than they fear death itself? In a recent Fox Business survey they found that 34% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved for retirement. Only 18% of Americans are feeling very confident about their ability to retire, and that’s up from only 13% in 2013. In recent Forbes and TIME Magazine articles they declared the 401k and the IRA a “failed experiment” and a “financial flop.” So the traditional financial consultant and advice is simply not working so great for the majority of Americans.

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So what if there was a better way. Would you want to hear about it and at least check it out? It is estimated that less than 1% of Americans have ever even heard of our plan. Up until pretty recently our plan was mostly used by the rich and powerful, (ie: the knowledgeable and informed). Now you don’t have to be rich to use our plan. Now you can invest like the rich invest and be smart about it.

So why do the richest families and largest and most influential companies use our type of plan so extensively? It’s smart and it works.


The Federal Reserve published this pie chart that shows the percentage of America’s richest and the amount they own of this amazing asset.Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros Wealthy Use This

This chart should speak volumes. You know what they say, if you want to be rich, you need to study and do what the rich do. Obviously they do a lot of this, and so should you. Here are are few reasons why this plan is so amazing.

100% Tax-Free

Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros Wall Street Journal QuoteThis is the best way to save on taxes that is legally allowed in this great country of ours. Most experts and thinking people believe tax rates will have to continue to rise in the future. So why take part in that if you do not have to? With our plan you put in after taxed funds. Then your funds grow tax free. You can pull them out at any time tax-free. When you retire you can pull them out to live on completely 100% tax-free. When you pass away, the remaining value of your account passes on to your heirs tax free.  So if you hate giving so much of your hard earned money to Uncle Sam, you will love this plan.

No Loss Guarantee

Do you know Warren Buffett’s #1 rule of investing? It is: Never lose money. So, if you have lost far too much money in the previous market crashes and the crashes have turned your 401k into a 201k then you will love this. We 100% guarantee you that you will never lose a single penny due to market declines or crashes. Not a single penny. If the market goes up, you make money. If the market goes down, you stay even and lose nothing.

Completely Private

Plus our plan is 100% private. There are zero forms to fill out for this. No Federal forms, no State forms and no local forms. If you like keeping your money off the radar, you will love this plan.

No Contribution Limits

Are you tired of being limited to the maximum contribution limits of ROTH IRAs, regular IRAs, 401(k)s etc.? Well, you won’t have to deal with that with our plan. There obviously are qualifications needed for contribution levels but generally speaking it is wide open. Yes, there are clients who put millions of dollars a year into these types of plans because it is simply the best deal out there.

Liquid and Flexible

Our plan is as liquid and flexible as it gets. It’s your money. If something comes up, if anything at all comes up and you need your money, it’s your money and you can take it out at any time for any reason, completely free of penalties and fees. Plus you don’t have to ask anyone or qualify. If you need the money, you just take it out. Plus you can retire as early or as late as you wish, and start taking your money out as soon or as late as you wish. There are no Government restrictions, laws, penalties, fees, requirements, etc.

Any way you slice it, you simply cannot beat our plan. So how do you find out more about this amazing plan? Simple. Just give us a call. We are happy to set up a 15 minute initial consultation to see if this may be a good fit for both of us. If we both agree that is may be, then we move forward providing you with more information, illustrations, etc.

Don’t wait another moment. It is simply too important to leave to chance. Give us a call right now at: (405) 418-6266  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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