About Us

Sam PrenticeOklahoma City Financial Planning Pros is lead by Samuel Prentice. Samuel is the President of Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros, a Financial Services Firm. The company was founded in 2012 and has since experienced record breaking growth. Since inception the company has expanded to 12 states, with over 25 independent sub agencies. Samuel’s business acumen and constant desire to provide a higher level of excellence both to his organization and its clients has attracted some of the most successful planners in the industry.

Samuel is a third generation entrepreneur.  He has personally developed 4 different successful businesses in his relatively short career prior to forming Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros. Since entering the field of finance in 2009, Samuel has been recognized with numerous awards, including #1 sales person in Oklahoma for American Farm Life Insurance Company in 2010. Samuel has also written multiple articles related to finance and entrepreneurship. In 2013, he wrote a chapter for The Investment Advisory Network (IAN) detailing the strategies and products that set his company apart from the competition. In early 2014, he was interviewed and published in “Entrepreneur on Fire” alongside many other notable entrepreneurs including Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank™.

In both his personal and his business life, Samuel constantly strives for improvement and development. His success in business is a function of his work-ethic, discipline, and education. These factors that contributed to his success have also positioned him as a front runner on the cutting-edge of the developing financial landscape. Oklahoma City Financial Planning Pros and the financial services industry afford him the avenues necessary to utilize this unique access to innovative strategies, his skills of communication, and passion for empowering both clients and advisers to take control of their future.